Marazli Club report. 2020

Together with the members of the club we celebrated important museum events and held friendly meetings:

Tea party and mindfulness

Spring breakfast and acquaintance with the updated exposition

Museum's birthday

Summing up the year and discussing future plans

Club members are always the first to see our new exhibitions live

Preview of the exhibition "Severe and stylish"

Preview of Yuri Siviryn's exhibition "Black Mirror"

Preview of Mikhail Reva's exhibition "Revelation"

Club members help us to implement not only large projects but also to comfortably perform daily work.

Thanks to the Club community:

Facade lighting

Thanks to the contributions, we installed lighting for the facade of the museum

Lighting in the halls

In 2020, we replaced the lighting in 24 halls of the museum

"Yellow Giants"

Renovated in the gallery “Yellow Giants”

Office equipment

Bought office equipment needed for comfortable work of colleagues

WiFi in the museum

Provided WiFi coverage throughout the museum, as well as installed IP telephony for effective internal communication

WC for visitors

Toilets for visitors have become more comfortable, we also have a changing table for babies

Individual protection

The museum was provided with the necessary personal protective equipment


This year the museum and the team faced tasks of different levels of complexity, but thanks to the clubs we managed!

Join us!

Next may be your name. Join us! To join the Marazli Club at the Odesa Fine Arts museum, please contact:

+380 93 552 95 10

Daria, fundraising manager

Thank you for your support! See you at the museum!