Victor Maryniuk “Live carefully”

January 24 – April 14

Victor Maryniuk
“Live carefully”

Victor Maryniuk’s images are isolated from the outside world, they are not surrounded by objects with the distinction of time. Only white, only light. It’s just that the artist gives the images timeless, super historical features and takes them beyond the real. “It’s just wise,” says the artist himself, and convincingly proves it with his work. Looking at the images he created, you are convinced that it is so important to talk about the essential, the primary if you “live carefully”. Namely – to be attentive to the world, to see the beauty in the ordinary, and to transfer your vision to the canvas.

Victor Maryniuk

Victor Maryniuk – is the legend of Odesa nonconformists.

He belongs to the group that began its creative path simultaneously with the destruction of the socialist-realist canon. Before that, for three decades, art in the Soviet Union was isolated from the world art process. It was this group in Odesa that overcame many years of isolation. It was these artists who absorbed and assimilated all the experience of the pictorial language of the twentieth century and came through their own experience to the emancipation of art form, color, spots, lines, construction, and dynamics. It was they who created an updated, modern version of the Odesa “South Russian” school.

They were close to the “allowed” aesthetics in the USSR, which is why they rallied in an informal circle, organized apartment exhibitions, interact with like-minded people who came from abroad, and published their works in samizdat and diaspora publications, and were under constant KGB surveillance. who feared everything independent and uncontrollable.

The artists themselves have repeatedly insisted that they did not consider themselves dissidents, that their goal was creative freedom, not limited to the Communist Party.

Victor Maryniuk’s range – from early expressive experiments, consonant with the current in the early 60s of the twentieth century “severe style” to lyrical-geometric abstraction, is often organically combined with conditional linearity.

An integral part of Maryniuk’s figurative system is his experience in monumental art. Hence – decorativism, the generalization of forms and lines. Hence the deep interest in the Ukrainian tradition of monumental art (Boychuk’s school), combined with the experience of both Ukrainian folklore and modern European trends.

Among the artists of the Odesa group, Victor Maryniuk has a special, awe-inspiring, and delicate attitude to form and plasticity.

Behind the external conventionality is hidden meaningful content. The combination of one’s thoughts and experiences with the primary, deep values of human existence creates a confusing, irrational, yet intellectual and meaningful reality. In today’s world, where art reaches the level of impersonality, Maryniuk’s work, with an emphasis on what makes us human, remains a protected area of humanity. The artist paints the personality, its special individualism, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Simple images are full of tension and calm, ephemerality and fundamentality, unambiguity and mystery.

Achieving harmony is due to the nervous tension of the pulsating lines. Capturing space in white, the lines turn into an outline or contour. Impulse red spot enhances impressions and perceptions. An earthly woman acquires a mythological depth. With minimal formal and plastic means, the artist expresses and elevates a woman, and sacralizes her image. So simply, without undue external effect, makes a woman the center of the universe.

It’s so easy to be yourself, to follow your principles and ideals, without adjusting to the criticism and tastes of the public. It’s so easy to be engaged in art in the world of total contemporary art with its many strategies and concepts.

It’s so simple to live carefully.