Olexandr Roytburd
“Roy. To the sixtieth anniversary of Olexandr Roitburd “
October 16 – January 10

The lines are multiplied and confused. Lines weaken and sag. The lines stretch and tremble. The lines are scattered with dots. The lines run into the horizon. Lines line up in azimuths. Overdue friendships are divided by fronts. The lines are tightened with a loop. Rub against each other, sprinkling rosin; lines sing. The lines with allusions darn holes in the canvas. The lines sparkle, whistle in the wind, and grind energy. Lines are measured by steps, elbows, and limbs. The lines sew the fate of generations with lines of settlement. Lines creep up. The lines break down. Paths pass through the gardens of pleasures. The lines are cut into the memory with wrinkles. Bend capricious folds. The line is pierced by darkness rays
It is on the Greek dust that parallel lines may not intersect. Under our sky, parallels collide, breaking noses and cheekbones.
The lines break.
The lines continue.

The author of the text is the curator of the exhibition Kirill Lipatov

Curator – Kirill Lipatov

Coordinators – Vladimir Damaskin, Vera Fenelonova

Restorers – Kateryna Nikolaenko, Anastasia Gavrilenko

Archivist – Christina Vinogradova

Designers – Dmitry Ehrlich, Natalia Kostyrko, Olga Pokatilova, Sofia Uspenskaya, Alexandra Shevtsova, Maria Zhiltsova, Katerina Smykova, Anastasia Samarkina

Architect – Alexander Loginov

Video editor – Denis Kostura

Composer – Leonid Desyatnikov

Project Manager – Alexandra Kovalchuk

Financial Manager – Kateryna Kulay

Media coordinator – Eugenia Seleznyova

Communication – Daria Zhikhareva, Alla Psatiy, Kristina Kebikova, Kateryna Kharchenko

The exhibition presents works from the collection of the family of Oleksandr Roitburd, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Odesa, Anatoly Dymchuk, Alexei Kotsiyevsky, and Alexander Shevchuk.

The partner of the exhibition project is the Museum of Contemporary Art of Odesa.

With the support of Marazli Club, Riviera Development Group, and NT-Art Gallery.

Media partner – Your Art.