Boris Lurie “Altered Man”

January 24 – April 14

Boris Lurie
“Altered Man”

Altered man is an essential metaphor of the ХХ and ХХІ centuries, history, and politics that seeks to erase, change, and deface a person.

The works presented at the exhibition are a Dadaist gesture of destroying a hated object or character by facing him and depriving him of his face, neutralizing world evil in all its manifestations, erasing it from the face of the Earth, erasing it from history.

Boris Lurie

Boris Lurie (1924 – 2008) – American non-conformist artist and writer, born in the USSR, founder of the movement NO! Art – is one of the first to raise issues that have long been in the air: the disappearance of individuality, entropy of personality, and therefore – herself reality.

Boris Lurie’s artistic practice is closely connected with the Holocaust. His exhibition “Altered Man” is a conversation about the end of metaphysics, which became “impossible after Auschwitz”. Lurie, who survived four concentration camps, believed that only a revolt could be morally justified in the “total concentration camp” of today. Therefore, he chose harsh criticism for his work strategy. The vision of the world as a total concentration camp, where people ruthlessly destroy their kind; the world as a brothel, where a man, namely a woman, becomes an object – became the support and guide in the art of Boris Lurie.

Lurie’s art rebels against bourgeois values, instead of demonstrating a position of civil and personal freedom. Borys Lurie’s exhibition in Ukraine is a sign of the openness of modern Ukrainian society.