Marazli Club

Marazli Club is a public organization whose activities are aimed at supporting and developing the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. The use of membership fees as a financial instrument will for the first time in the history of modern Ukraine provide a cultural institution with a permanent fund for sustainable development, therefore guaranteeing the Odesa Fine Arts Museum a successful future.

Society is almost accustomed to constant change and turbulence in business. The same processes occur in cultural institutions. In our case, there are neither the resources to maneuver nor the financial buffer to mitigate the negative effects of economic and political change.

The state guarantees partial provision of the minimum wage fund and partial coverage of utility costs. The development of the museum depends only on us and you. Wherever you live, whatever you are interested in, join the community of fans of change in Odesa’s cultural life!

At the beginning of 2019, on the initiative of the director of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum Oleksandr Roytburd, Marazli Club appeared – a public organization whose activities are aimed at supporting and developing our institution. Since then, 78 members have joined the club. Thus, in one and a half years, due to membership fees in the museum, among other things, the lighting in 16 halls was changed, a large-scale exhibition dedicated to the work of Konstantin Somov was organized, and exhibition halls were renovated. Marazli Club provides the museum with a permanent fund for sustainable development, the implementation of the exhibition and educational projects, restoration work, renovation of museum equipment, and replenishment of the collection.

It is symbolic that the City Museum of Fine Arts (now the Odesa Fine Arts Museum) was opened in 1899 at the expense of patrons – thanks to the efforts of the Society of Fine Arts. The museum building was donated to the city by public figure Hryhoriy Marazli. Wealthy and well-known people in the city took care of the Society of Fine Arts and the Museum at various times, such as General of the Infantry Prince Semyon Vorontsov, architect and teacher Franz Morandi, professor of medicine Mykola Sklifosofsky, great homeowner Count Michael Tolstoy, Governor-General Pavel Zertsebu, merchant, politician Hryhoriy Marazli and many others. This is an important precedent in the history of Odesa, because the local elites, supporting the development of culture and arts, laid the foundation for the transformation of the city into a center of cultural life.

In the autumn of 1899, the Odesa Fine Arts Museum received its first visitors. 120 years later, people who care about the museum and its fate come together to help the museum preserve its unique collection and promote domestic art among citizens and internationally.

We dream of continuing this tradition and invite you to join the community of fans of change in the cultural life of Odesa!

Changes you support

We will use the monetary contribution for:

Current repairs of office premises

Emergency work in the museum
Finishing restoration workshops
Finishing restoration workshops

Club member receives

How to become a member of the Marazli Club?

Fill in the registration form

Either contact us: +380938924100, or wait for the email or call from the museum representative, with all the details

Transfer the membership fee of UAH 30,000 to the account of the public organization according to the details:
Supporter: NGO “Marazli Club”
USREOU 42803899
СAcc UA903287040000026002054223174
MFO: 328704
Purpose of payment: Membership fee to the NGO “Marazli Club” from ________________________ (full name)

Receive the club card and all the corresponding privileges

If desired, participate in the development of the museum, in meetings and consultative meetings

Get acquainted with the charter of the Public Association

Join us!

Participation in the Marazli Club has been renewed annually. Next may be your name. Join us! To join the Marazli Club at the Odesa Fine Arts Museum, please contact:

+380 93 552 95 10

Daria, fundraising manager

Marazli Club Members

Maksym Stepanov

Yuriy Hrabilin

Dmytro Ivanov

Victor Gordeev

Alexey Sukhanov

Garik Korogodsky

Alexey Davydenko

Maryna Fedorenko

Yuri Kohutyak

Oleksandra Kovalchuk

Andriy Adamovsky

Ruslan Kornisyuk

Oleg Kylymnyk

Andriy Fedoriv

Tymur Nishnianidze

Tatiana Burda

Alina Plushch

Yuriy Maslov

Yegor Grebennikov

Anatoliy Dymchuk

Gregoriy Tripulskii

Andriy Nazarenko

Alexey Gladushevsky

Olexander Krylov

Kateryna Ivanova

Olexander Shargorodsky

Eugene Lemberg

Andrii Stavnitser

Anatolii Reder

Ellia Holland

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk

Mykhailo Kavytsky

Vladislav Burda


Sergiy Gusovsky

Angela Olenich

Konstantin Olenich

Maria Solyanik

Mikhail Shmushkovich

Andriy Vavrysh

Boris Lozhkin

Vadym Morokhovskyi

Melis Kubitz

Alexander Bytsko

Denis Voloshin

Maxim Lagunov

Anna Golovach

Oleksii Shlapakov

Hrystya Hranovska

Dmytro Kazavchynsky

Vyacheslav Murmanov

Vyacheslav Ovechkin

Oleg Lyashko

Mykhailo Altynin

Daria Koltsova

Gennadiy Ivanov

Olga Bila

Ivan Plachkov

Lyudmila Bereznytska

Mykola Viknyansky

Dmitriy Kovrov

Dmitriy Nikitin


Irina Borisova

Konstantin Timonkin

Ivan Belov

Nikita Shriver

Inna Nikolaeva

Katerina Ustimenko

Alexander Seleznyov

Alexander Vernik

Eugenia Privalova

Mikhail Reva

Sergiy Grinevetsky

Oleg Kaminker

Georgiy Bochorishvili

Eugeniya Kazanina

Maxim Lande

Marina Babchynska

Dmytro Drozd

Kateryna Futurska

Anastasia Dolbneva

Mykhailo Kuhar

Olexander Storozhev

Olexander Diordiev

Ruslan Timofeev

Vyacheslav Mikhutnin-Neumann

Dmytro Averin

Inna Belous

Dmytro Buberman

Dmytro Kazanin

Alla Plachkova

David Roitman

Marazli Club Reports for 2020

Join us!

Participation in the Marazli Club has been renewed annually. Next may be your name. Join us! To join the Marazli Club at the Odesa Fine Arts Museum, please contact:

+380 93 552 95 10

Daria, fundraising manager