Give the painting a frame and a museum glass

Our guests are deprived of the opportunity to see many masterpieces from the museum’s collection due to the lack of proper framing of paintings. Take part in the financial support program aimed to frame artworks can anyone – by financing the frame or museum’s glass for one or more artworks, partially or fully.

Below you can choose a painting for which you want to purchase a frame or museum glass, pay for it, and the rest we will do ourselves. When the painting is ready, we will invite you and give you a certificate stating that you have helped the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

Second floor

We have already opened an exhibition on the second floor called «XX-XXI: from the twenties to the twenties» and show many works that have hitherto been unavailable and stored in the funds of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

Thank you to everyone who joined and helped replace the new frames and glass. Stickers with the names of donors will be posted soon.

We still have works that need new frames, so we need your help.

First floor

Your support helps the Odesa Fine Arts Museum to preserve and multiply the artistic heritage of many generations, organize cultural events for you and your children, and allow thousands of visitors to experience the power of art every day. Thank you for your support.