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About the project

In 2018, the team of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum launched the project “Cinema in the Museum”, thanks to which our visitors were able to see the film “Malevich” by Vladimir Lutsky and others. In the summer of 2020, in collaboration with the NGO “Kultprosvit” we decided to change the format and move the film screenings to the museum yard, so the project “Cinema in the Museum | OPEN AIR ART”. As part of it, we showed more than 10 films about outstanding artists: Claude Monet, Caravaggio, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Klimt, and others. In 2021, we decided to continue on our own, but to diversify the program a bit and reveal the theme of art completely – we will watch movies about architecture, dance, fashion, and more.

What we showed in September

03/09/2021: “Impossible Project: Save the Polaroid (An Impossible Project)”

On September 3 at 21:00 we are waiting for you to show the film “Impossible Project: Save the Polaroid (An Impossible Project)”. The film tells the story of how in 2008 when analog photography was rapidly losing its relevance, the eccentric Austrian biologist decided to embark on an adventure in the spirit of the duel between David and Goliath: he decided to save the world’s last Polaroid factory. This film was a participant in the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Timing: 99 minutes
Country: Germany / Austria
Year of production: 2020
Director: Jens Moirer
Тип: документальний
Method of implementation: in English with Ukrainian subtitles
Rental certificate from the State Cinema
Distributor: KISFF FILMS LLC

10/09/2021: “Westwood: punk, icon, activist”

Vivienne Westwood is one of the founders of the punk movement in London. Former wife of Malcolm McLaren, Sex Pistols manager. But Vivien does not want to mention this and is openly bored with questions about those times. Now Vivienne Westwood is an activist. Even for the filming of this movie, she agreed to the condition that most of it will be dedicated to her participation in environmental movements. The director agreed but did it in her way.

This film tells the story of the founding of the Vivienne brand from the very beginning. To be closer to the charismatic designer, many people wanted to work with her on a volunteer basis. Her company now has its board of directors, but Vivienne remains committed to its principles. She continues to emphasize that she is least interested in money and threatens to withdraw the entire collection if something goes wrong with her script.

The film premiered at Sundance, where it caused a real sensation and was nominated for a Grand Prix.

Timing: 83 minutes
Release date: December 6
Type: documentary film
Country: Great Britain
Director: Lorna Tucker
Finished Films
Method of realization: voiced in Ukrainian (rental lighting) FILMS

09/17/2021: “Fellini and Spirits”

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the maestro’s birth, we will show “Fellini and the Spirits” – a documentary from previously unpublished archival materials, it will bring us closer to the hidden world of Italian genius and its connection with the spiritual and supernatural.

Federico Fellini’s filmography can be considered as a series, where each film is not a separate episode, but part of a great work of genius. The director once admitted that he has been making the same film all his life, but on different sets and with different actors. But he openly belittles his achievements – in four decades of film work, Federico Fellini became the most famous Italian director and one of the most influential in the world. He won five Oscars and became a record holder in the category of “Best Foreign Language Film” in the history of the Film Academy.

The maestro’s vision of the world was so unique and hypnotic that it gave rise to a special definition of “Fellini” for this “carnival” style in cinema. Fellini showed the new generation how to experiment and balance a classic film story and a crazy flight of fancy.

Timing: 90 minutes
Release date: November 12
Country: Italy
Year of production: 2020
Director: Anselma Del’Olio
Type: documentary
Method of implementation: voiced in Ukrainian (rental certificate)
Distributor: KISFF FILMS LLC

24/09/2021: «Sex, Fashion, Disco»

Well, who would have thought that a modest boy from Utuado would be a real king of fashion parties?

Antonio Lopez is an illustrator, star of the bohemian party, and one of the main trendsetters in the world of fashion. His works are an explosive mixture of crazy ethnic flavor, pop art, and surrealism for which he was called Picasso in the world of illustration.

The ’70s is a golden time for Lopez. It’s a time of collaboration with popular designers, friendships with a star party, and crazy parties.

It seems that anything is possible now: inspiration is easily reflected on paper, the right acquaintance is waiting at every corner, and he and Andy Warhol will be remembered every time we talk about the founders of pop art.

Timing: 95 minutes
Release date: February 28
Country: USA
Summitridge Pictures
Format: 2D
Type: documentary
Method of implementation: voiced in Ukrainian on the territory of Ukraine (Rental certificate)

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